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image for project UMBC-BCPS STEM Project The UMBC-BCPS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)Project is a partnership between the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)and Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS). The project focuses on closing the achievement gap in STEM areas for students in high poverty schools. Located in the suburban region around Baltimore, BCPS has an enrollment of 107,386 (2005-2006)school year. UMBC is located near Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Washington, D.C. It offers 37 majors and 32 minors or certificate programs, enrolling 11,650 full-time and part-time students (Fall 2004 enrollment). The County population is rapidly shifting in ethno-racial characteristics such that the most recent census indicates that White residents in the county have decreased from 84.9% in 1990 to 74.4% in 2000. Within BCPS, 33.7% of the students are African American, 59.7% are White, 4.0% are Asian American, and 2.0% are Hispanic.

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STEM Academy Measurement: An Evaluation Tool

The STEM Academy Measurement Tool is a research tool which assists schools in learning about becoming a learning community with a STEM focus. This tool is used first to learn...

Walk the Talk: A Conversation between Dr. Hrabowski and STEM Interns

"The dynamic president of UMBC, Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, had agreed to meet with STEM co-teachers in order to learn more about them. The group, who call themselves Visionaries shared...

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Impact of a Hands On Science Outreach Program on Student Interest in Science

"Primary school students participating in the HOS program (N=72) and their parents (N=43) were asked to complete questionnaires prior to and at the end of the program indicating attitudes about...

State Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education

"The purpose of the Science and Mathematics Indicators series, which began in 1991, is to improve the quality and reliability of information concerning the progress of K-12 science and mathematics...

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Institute for Inquiry: Workshops to Introduce Teachers to Inquiry

The Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry received a major grant from the National Science Foundation to create a series of workshops for introducing teachers to inquiry. Freely available guides provide...

MOSART Releases Test Items to MSPs

This site, available only to MSPnet members, allows you to request that MOSART tests be mailed to you, and also provides sample test questions and more information about the MOSART...

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